Maui College Food Innovation Center Tour

UHCDC Site Visit #1 Hāna Community Kitchen Project ~ March 1-3, 2023

University of Hawai’i Community Design Center (UHCDC) Team – Kimi Makaiau, Malu Jonathan Stanich, and Logan Shiroma – flew into Kahului from Oahu on the morning of Wednesday, March 1 and were guided on three solid days of site visits to look at land and resources as they gather information to assist with their work in building a Proof of Concept for the Hāna Community Kitchen Project.

Mahalo Nunui ~ Extending Big Thank You’s to the following for allowing us to visit and listen to the stories which will assist in weaving the Hāna Hub synergistically into our community!

Guides and project champions who accompanied the UHCDC team throughout the three days:

  • Claire Kamalu Carroll – Maui County Office of Economic Development, HBC Board Member, Hāna community advocate
  • Dawn Lono – Maui County East Maui Council Executive Administrator, HBC Board President, Hāna community advocate
  • Gary Chow – HBC Board Member, Hōlani Hāna President, Hāna Feast Catering Company
  • Heidi Lea – HBC Executive Director and Hāna Community Kitchen Project coordinator
  • Kaʻeo Patrick Ornellas – Maui County Office of Economic Development
  • Scott Crawford – HFUU Representative, Hāna community organizer

Day 1 

Day 2

Day 3

We encourage you to reach out to with any questions or ways that you would like to get involved.

Please check out the UHCDC site for an overview of projects that the UHCDC has previously implemented.

Hāna Tropicals Site Visit PC: Heidi Lea
Hāna Tropicals Site Visit PC: Heidi Lea
Hāna Ranch Site Visit PC: Heidi Lea